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Alice Stroppel

Alice Stroppel is known for her polymer clay "face canes" and has been working with the clay for over 20 years. She is self taught and produces her work in her home studio.

Polymer clay artists have borrowed the term Millefiori when referring to cane work. Millefiori is a glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware.

Some of the earliest examples were found on Roman bead made in 50BCE-300CE. Because polymer clay is pliable and can be cured in a home oven, it's much easier to produce millefiori patterns and have opened the door for artists, like Alice, to explore with excitement the unlimited possibilities of this fascinating technique.

Even though Alice's designs look as if they might be painted, they are made entirely of colored clay. Her pieces are bright and cheerful, a bit crazy and always fun to wear, use or display as art.

Alice has published an online tutorial and is also available to teach.

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