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Curtis Miles
Hot Glass / Sculptor

From stunning vases to delicately swirling martini glasses, Curtis creates tantalyzing eye candy in glass that excite and stir the senses.

I am a hot-glass artist living in Tampa, Florida.

Actually I am a glass artist, a stone sculpture artist, a sumi-e artist and a pencil drawing artist.

I started glass blowing in 2003 and started my own studio in 2006.

My training includes glass blowing and Sumi-e also known as Chinese watercolor painting. My goal is to apply the principles of both of these wonderful art forms into my creations.

I enjoy the natural beauty of stone. Therefore I like to incorporate glass with stone. Combined in a sculpture, glass and stone complement each other very well.

One of the things I enjoy with Sumi-e is working with just black ink and the ability to load brushes to vary the shading. This led to my pencil drawings. I love creating drawings that can look like black and white photos.

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