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Maya Schonenberger

Maya has always been interested in nature, in our evolution and our history. She focuses on the interaction of humans with nature and the changes that result from this process. Intrigued by the possibilities that textiles offered her she started exploring different techniques guided by her sense of colors and the feelings they invoke in her. She is a person who strives to be in tune with her mind, body and her surroundings, and continuously searches for new ways of expressing her thoughts, feelings and concerns.

In recent years the artist has devoted most of her time to express her concern about our environment in her art work. Living in southern Florida not only shows the artist lush, rich tropical life but natural brush fires, floods and droughts. She works in her new studio facing a beautiful tropical garden and a lake but outside her oasis she can watch, feel and hear south Florida's Urban Sprawl grow like an uncontrolled brush fire, leaving behind large concrete and asphalt areas.